Expertly Crafted, Naturally Sourced*

Expertly crafted, naturally sourced*

*Accreditations available upon request

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Why DeZaan Organic?

Why deZaan Organic?

With more than 110 years of cocoa expertise, we are applying all that we know about crafting cocoa ingredients to the organic market.


Our organic ingredients are expertly crafted with the same care as our non-organic solutions to deliver excellent taste, color, and mouthfeel. deZaan Master O1 versatile organic cocoa powder and Astra O deodorized cocoa butter support innovation across a range of application categories, supported by full traceability and organic certifications*.

*Certifications available upon request

Our Master O1 (O11DQ) organic cocoa powder

We have spent more than two years developing this remarkable, organic, certified* cocoa powder to ensure customers can achieve the same great outcomes in their recipes, each and every time.

The result is a well-balanced cocoa powder with a consistent color, finer texture and richer chocolate notes, with significantly fewer off-flavors, than basic organic powders. Having been expertly milled for a finer texture, it is perfectly crafted for use across multiple application categories - from dairy to confectionery and bakery.

Master O1 (O11DQ) organic cocoa powder has been farmed, sourced and processed through a fully segregated supply chain to ensure its organic credentials, and to bring greater transparency. With Master O1 (O11DQ) cocoa powder we are bringing all of deZaan’s cocoa mastery to the organic market.

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Sustainably Sourced Astra O Organic Cocoa Butter

Astra A pure prime pressed cocoa butter now has a fully segregated and traceable organic option, Astra O.

Astra A has been the industry standard for cocoa butter for decades. Characterized by its rounded cocoa flavor and silky texture, Astra A is the preferred ingredient in a variety of delicious recipes and applications. With deZaan’s commitment to sustainability and traceability, we are now adding certified*, organic and traceable ingredients, including Astra O cocoa butter, to our range.

Astra O is made with a blend of carefully selected cocoa beans and has the same great technical properties as our classic Astra A cocoa butter but now with organic credentials and using a fully segregated and certified supply chain to ensure organic traceability.

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