Innovating For Positive Change

Innovating for positive change

Discover how deZaan is advancing the sustainable production of cocoa


Making the future of cocoa more sustainable

ofi’s Cocoa Compass ambition is to create ambition is to create an environmentally positive, professionalized, and quality-focused cocoa supply chain comprised of farmers who are earning a living income and whose children have access to education.


To make this ambition a reality, ofi has set challenging goals for 2030, with milestones for impact in 2020 and 2024, across three key areas. Read our latest Cocoa Compass Impact Report.


We are leaders in the sustainability and traceability of cocoa production.

deZaan is part of Olam Food Ingredients (ofi), the world’s foremost, focused supplier of cocoa beans and cocoa ingredients. When you purchase deZaan ingredients, you are supporting the aims of Cocoa Compass, ofi’s sustainability ambition for the future of the cocoa sector.


Cocoa Compass Chocolate

This chocolate bar sample is made from our deZaan DZNM 5023 cocoa liquor. Nib-roasted from single origin Ecuadorean Arriba cocoa beans, our DZNM 5023 cocoa liquor has a rich chocolate taste and an aromatic bouquet that delicately flavors chocolate and confectionery recipes.


Protecting and restoring forests

Since 2018, we have distributed 2.9m trees for agroforestry and income diversification and trained 438,700 cocoa farmers in Good Agricultural Practices. By achieving our goal of 100% direct supply chain traceability, we are helping our customers to understand the social and environmental impact of their cocoa.

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