DeZaan Powder D11B Mix


Dutched Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Butter 10-12%
pH level 7.8-8.4

Experience serious cocoa intensity, in a vibrant fusion of outstanding cocoa color and flavor.


One of deZaan's signature black cocoa powders, this combines powerfully strong cocoa flavor and nearly-black color. Notably bitter and bold, ideal for visually striking cookies and biscuits.


Provides a sweet, strong, bitter flavor and distinctive chocolate taste that is as remarkable as its color.


One of our darkest powders in our portfolio D11B has a rich brown lustre in application showcasing its strong cocoa flavor.


High-impact color for bakery applications, responding directly to consumer desires for dark, strongly flavored, indulgent chocolate tastes. deZaan's black cocoa powders are selected for their ability to consistently impart exceptional flavor and color.

DeZaan Flavour Profiles 18 D11B 01

Sensory Profile

DeZaan Flavour Profiles 18 D11B 03
DeZaan Flavour Profiles 18 D11B 04
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