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Natural Cocoa Powder vs Dutched (Alkalized) Cocoa Powder

Natural cocoa powders retain the naturally occurring acidity of the cocoa bean, with a lighter color and less intensity. True Gold’s high fat content and acidity lend citrus, and floral notes with a caramel finish that shines through in ice cream, mousses, ganache, and sauces.

The alkalization process (also known as dutching) involves the treatment of cocoa nibs with an alkaline solution. Developed in the Netherlands in the early 1900s, dutching generally leads to a darker or redder cocoa powder, mellowing the acidity and allowing the cocoa’s deep, natural flavors to emerge.

Alkalization also impacts the pH of the cocoa powder, with natural (non-dutched) cocoa having a pH of around 5 and heavily dutched powders such as Carbon Black having a pH of around 8. The deep color and chocolate flavor of alkalized powders are highlighted in baked goods and glazes and also in ice creams, sauces, and beverages.

Recipes Using deZaan True Gold Natural Cocoa Powder

Recipes Using deZaan Carbon Black Dutched Cocoa Powder

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