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The Health Benefits of Cocoa Powder

In addition to being a delicious component of numerous recipes, cocoa powder provides many different health benefits. In addition to being rich in nutrients, including minerals and antioxidants, pure cocoa powder is low in fat and calories, and it may be combined in numerous ways with other ingredients to provide flavorful punch to recipes for distinctive beverages, sauces, rubs for meat, and fish and, of course, desserts of all kinds.

The Difference Between Cocoa Powder and Chocolate

Cocoa powder is a product of the cocoa bean, as is chocolate. However, the difference is that where chocolate manufacturing is made from 100% cocoa mass, cocoa powder is made by compressing this mass down and removing some of the cocoa butter, which contains most of the fat, after grinding what is left is healthy cocoa powder. Different levels of compression will produce either high fat, low fat, or defatted cocoa powder. Depending on the bean, and whether it has been subjected to a Dutching process, the resulting powder will vary in color and in taste, and pH level.

Chocolate is generally made with 100% cocoa mass and then is mixed with milk and sugar, although many new recipes are made with non-dairy milk and alternative sweeteners. The percentage after printed on a chocolate packaging refers to the percentage of cocoa solids within its recipe. 

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Pure, unsweetened cocoa powder is relatively low in fat and calories, and can actually help regulate metabolism and energy levels. An added benefit is that foods that contain cocoa powder contribute to a satisfying feeling of fullness, even when consumed in moderation. 

Some of the acknowledged benefits of powder that is at least 72% pure cocoa include:

  • High Blood Pressure

    Cocoa powder is rich in flavonoids, which can help lower blood pressure and improve blood vessel function. It seems that older people who already have elevated blood pressure readings benefit the most from adding pure cocoa powder to their diets. Dark chocolate, the darker the better, can also be of benefit when used judiciously. However, modifying [][98 0o cocoa powder with alkaline can reduce the benefits.

  • Inflammation and Immune System Response

    Due to the iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, and selenium, it contains, cocoa powder boosts the immune system and improves nerve and muscle function. Iron helps carry oxygen to red blood cells and manganese strengthens cartilage and bones, metabolizes nutrients, and helps to produce energy and maintain heart rhythm. Zinc supports the immune system by aiding the production of new cells. It helps reduce arthritis pain and strengthens connective tissues.

  • Heart Disease and Stroke

    Cocoa powder includes rich catechin, epicatechin, and procyanidin that have antioxidant properties which protect cells and strengthen the heart. It also prevents fatal blood clots from blocking blood vessels and reduces the risk of severe cardiac failure.

  • Nutrition and Weight Control

    Studies confirm that people on low-carb diets who consume 81% cocoa powder lose weight more quickly and are better able to sustain the loss over time. However, it is important to note that it is primarily dark chocolate that has the higher beneficial effects.

  • Shortness of Breath and Asthma

    Cocoa can help with breathing problems and heal bronchial complications. Alkaloids like theophylline and xanthine present in cocoa powder relax bronchial spasms, open constricted bronchial tubes and enhance breathing; Cocoa reduces the effects of chronic allergies that cause severe shortness of breath and asthma.

  • Stress and Depression

    One of the substances in cocoa is phenethylamine, a neurotransmitter found in the human brain that is a natural antidepressant and mood booster. Cocoa has been proven to boost endorphin levels to promote a feeling of happiness.

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Even though more research is needed, some studies have shown that the flavanols in cocoa powder may positively affect common symptoms of Diabetes-2 by improving insulin sensitivity and helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Flavanol-rich diets have also been linked to a lower risk of some cancers, and their anti-bacterial and immunity-stimulating properties might also contribute to healthier teeth and gums.

How to Incorporate Cocoa Powder into a Healthy Diet

There are many options available for adding beneficial cocoa powder to a dietary plan to reap the benefits: Sprinkle cocoa powder on oatmeal or scrambled eggs, or add it as a supplementary spice to chicken, turkey, shrimp, fish, or pork. Add some cocoa powder to a fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast, or add a bit of powder for both color and flavor to a cup of tea or coffee. Make a traditional hot cocoa drink, using honey as a sweetener. Create a traditional Mexican mole. Once you start using cocoa powder in recipes other than sweet confections and baked goods, you'll want to continue.

Cocoa Powder Options from deZaan

The varied colors and qualities of deZaan cocoa powders -- from naturals True Gold and True Dark through to dutched Terra Rosa and Terracotta to Crimson Red and Carbon Black -- make our cocoa powder truly distinctive and allow chefs throughout the world to create unique, taste-tempting recipes that also have recognized health benefits. Sample the different varieties and experiment with the flavors that will enable you to create your own distinctive favorites.

We are passionate about cocoa and select only the finest cocoa beans from sustainably sourced cocoa beans. We are committed not only to harnessing proprietary processing techniques and using our knowledge to bring the best products to our customers, but also to supporting the aims of Cocoa Compass, a quality supply chain that is dedicated to assuring the well-being of our cocoa farmers. We invite your inquiries for more information about our products.