DeZaan Moonlight Hero Image


Bright white Cocoa Butter

A beam of pure Moonlight. Exceptional, extra white cocoa butter.


Our premium, deodorized cocoa butter is ideal for delivering attractive and brilliant visual contrast. This cocoa butter solidifies into a pure white matrix in application making it suitable for various confectionery purposes. It provides the ideal background matrix for aesthetics.


With minimum to zero residual cocoa taste or aroma, Moonlight allows the flavors of other ingredients to fully shine through.


Moonlight extra white cocoa butter has the same exceptionally smooth melting capabilities as Astra A and is perfect for use in white chocolate recipes and other applications where a bright white background is important.


Impressive white color to enhance applications. The extra white coloration of Moonlight makes it an ideal cocoa butter for applications where stark visual contrast is required, including white chocolate, vibrant-colored chocolate, and confectionery.

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