DeZaan Powder D11Asun Mix


Dutched Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Butter 10-12%
pH level 7.0-7.4

Created specially to elevate instant drinks and ice cream recipes, this lecithinated powder gives a smooth, rich mouthfeel.


Though most cocoa is hardly soluble in water, this powder is additionally enhanced using non-allergenic rapeseed lecithin in a special lecithination process. This results in a cocoa powder that blends smoothly and quickly into liquids, making it perfect for instant drinks and ice creams.


Mild, sweet, chocolate flavor and rich mouthfeel particularly in instant cocoa beverage recipes, thanks to the enhanced wettability and balanced dispersal provides gives greater stability.


A perfect choice for the classic 'milk chocolate' appearance, offering an attractive light to mid-brown color in beverages and ice creams.


Stability is key for blended beverages, and this powder's enhanced wettability and dispersal properties offer a silky, substantial texture and mouthfeel. Created in response to consumer health concerns and to avoid known allergens such as soya, in this cocoa powder, non-GMO, non-allergenic rapeseed lecithin is instead used as the emulsifying agent.

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Sensory Profile

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