DeZaan Powder D11L Mix Sm


Dutched Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Butter 10-12%
pH level 6.8-7.2

Full on chocolate flavor with reduced fat and alkalinity!


Responding to consumers desire for fat-reduced dessert experiences without compromising on flavor, deZaan is introducing D11L. This lightly Dutched powder offers a fat content of 10-12% while retaining a rich cocoa flavor that brings chocolate enjoyment across a range of applications.


With a big hit of rounded chocolate flavor, D11L reveals caramel undertones when applied in confectionery recipes and some slight bitter and roasted notes when used in bakery.


The extrinsic rich brown color of this powder moderates to a medium brown color with the addition of dairy milk, but retains it's strong depth of color when included in bakery and compound coating recipes.


This powder can be used to support fat-reduced chocolate experiences across a range of applications including confectionary, dairy and bakery.

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Sensory Profile

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