DeZaan Powder D11MG Mix


Dutched Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Butter 10-12%
pH level 7.1-7.5

A beautifully red brown color that’s rich in chocolate flavor.


An exquisite reddish brown, single origin Ghana cocoa powder offering a mild flavor with rich chocolate notes. This blends perfectly in dairy products or dairy alternative recipes. It also works well as a cocoa powder-dusting layer for delicious chilled chocolate desserts.


A mild cocoa taste that is elevated by very rich and full-bodied chocolate flavor notes.


This powder has a medium brown color when dry transforming to a rich brown in recipe application.


With its mild flavor and rich chocolate notes, this is a very popular choice for dairy products, for use in dairy alternatives or as a cocoa powder-dusting layers on delicious, chilled chocolate desserts.

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Sensory Profile

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