DeZaan Powder D21MR Mix


Dutched Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Butter 20-22%
pH level 7.1-7.5

Specifically crafted to support reduced dietary sugar intake without compromising on flavor.


A lovely medium brown colored cocoa powder offering a wonderfully rich yet mild cocoa taste. It is an ideal replacement for highly alkalized powders, offering the potential to reduce the total recipe sugar content by 10-20%.


A luxuriously rich and rounded taste with a mild cocoa flavor, accompanied by fruity and roasted notes.


A medium brown colored cocoa powder when dry that retains its color consistency in recipe applications, making it versatile across a range of applications.


This cocoa powder excels in recipes where a reduced total sugar level is required in the final recipe. Working superbly across a range of applications including dairy, creamy desserts, and milk chocolate ice cream recipes.

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Sensory Profile

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