DeZaan Powder N11D Mix

TrueDark (N11D)

Natural Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Butter 10-12%
pH level 5.2-6.0

A true pioneer in the sensory experience of cocoa powders.


The world's first-ever, natural, dark cocoa powder, TrueDark delivers a rich cocoa flavor without additives or Dutching.

With an intense natural flavor and deep color in applications, TrueDark is famously versatile across recipes ranging from bakery and biscuits, to desserts, ice creams, and compound coatings


This powder's rich and powerful flavor offers enticing notes of bitter cocoa and dark fruits.


The extrinsic color of the cocoa powder is dark brown. A dairy milk medium, such as chocolate milk or ice cream, will provide a medium brown color. When the cocoa powder is used in a bakery recipe or a higher fat application such as spreads, fillings or compound coatings, the color will appear to be dark brown.


Impressive across a wide variety of applications, especially bakery and dairy recipes, this cocoa powder provides dramatic and eye-catching color matched with a strong chocolate flavor. Caramel flavors come out strongly in confectionery products.

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Sensory Profile

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