DeZaan Powder N11N Mix


Natural Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Butter 10-12%
pH level 5.4-5.8

A natural powder that's fruity, well-balanced with a strong, bright flavor, versatile and adaptable.


This natural powder is sweet and slightly bitter, with delicate, fine fruit notes which linger along with its strong cocoa taste.

As a natural and well-balanced cocoa powder it is a wise choice for customers with a broad product range that requires reliable color and distinctive flavor.


Pleasing fruit notes come to the fore in this well-rounded taste profile, with strong cocoa flavor.


An excellent all-rounder, this natural powder has the benefits of both a delicate and appealing light brown color, together with a strong and characteristic taste.


Widely used for a number of recipes, it is especially suited to dairy, dry beverage mixes, ice creams and compound coatings. It is also a mainstay of professional kitchens who require consistent flavor and color.

DeZaan Flavour Profiles 01 N11N Map

Sensory Profile

DeZaan Flavour Profiles 01 N11N Scale 01
DeZaan Flavour Profiles 01 N11N Scale 02
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