DeZaan Powder SN Mix


Natural Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Butter 10-12%
pH level 5.4-6.2

A natural cocoa powder with a whole bean roasted taste and a rich, intense chocolate flavor profile.


This unique, natural cocoa powder has a whole bean roasted flavor that gives it a distinctive taste profile. Unusual for a natural powder, it delivers rich, intense chocolate notes and ends with a lovely fruity finish.


An intense and rich chocolate flavor that gives way to fruity notes and hints of coconut.


This has a light brown color when dry, and it retains its color consistency when wet and integrated into recipes making it highly versatile across numerous applications.


With its light brown color, unique, whole bean roasted flavor and indulgent chocolate notes, this is the perfect choice for ice creams, cereals and baked goods recipes.

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Sensory Profile

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