Our Vision For Sustainability Starts On The Ground

Our vision for sustainability starts on the ground

Prosperous farmers and farming systems

Cocoa Compass is not only focused on lifting cocoa farmers out of extreme poverty, it is also about taking a step beyond to help them achieve a level of income that allows for more than just survival.

Farmers must be able to earn enough to cover their basic needs of food, water, housing, education, healthcare, transportation and clothing, as well as manage unexpected costs.

Thriving communities

Access to education and freedom from child labor are basic human rights, and it is our belief that these problems should be addressed simultaneously because they are inextricably linked.

Through supporting children of cocoa farmers our aim is to create opportunities that their parents may not have had, whether in cocoa farming or another profession. The important outcome is that they become part of a thriving local community.

Regeneration of the living world

Cocoa Compass focuses on the co-existence of prosperous farms and thriving communities with healthy ecosystems to both reduce and eventually reverse deforestation.

There is also the need to work with governments and rural farming communities to support environmental stewardship that balances improvements in cocoa farmer livelihoods with the coexistence of protected forests, industrial plantations, subsistence crops, and perennial crops.