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Image Of DeZaan Tiramisu Buche De Noel
Part 1: Soaking Syrup
  • 240g Water
  • 24g Coffee Grains (finely ground)
  • 4 Sheet of Gelatin (hydrated)
  • 11g Bitter Almond Syrup
  1. Warm the water to 80°C/176°F.
  2. Infuse the coffee in the water for 30 minutes and strain.
  3. Warm up the infused water. Take off the heat, add gelatin, and mix.
  4. Add the butter almond syrup and reserve.
Part 2: Lady Finger Sponge
  • 80g Egg Yolk
  • 54g Granulated Sugar (1)
  • 160g Egg Whites
  • 40g Granulated Sugar (2)
  • 46g Flour
  • 14g Corn Flour
  1. Whip the egg yolks with sugar (1) to a ribbon stage.
  2. Whip the egg whites with sugar (2) simultaneously to a very soft peak.
  3. Combine the mixtures above into one bowl. Fold in the dry ingredients.
  4. Transfer to a sheet tray lined with parchment. Spread it to approx. 2cm thickness. Bake for 8 minutes at 180°C/356°F.
  5. Cool and cut into a strip of 4.4 x 3.2cm.
  6. Soak and freeze the strips.
Part 3: Enrobing Chocolate
  1. Melt the cocoa butter and chocolate together.
  2. Dip the pre-cut strips into the enrobing chocolate.
Part 4: Coffee Cremeux
  • 90g Milk
  • 90g Cream 35%
  • 35g Coffee Grains (roughly chopped)
  • 42g Egg Yolks
  • 71g Milk Chocolate
  • 53g Butter
  1. Bring the milk and cream to a simmer.
  2. Add the coffee and infuse for 1 hour.
  3. Warm the infused cream mixture and make a crème anglaise (82°C/179°F) with the egg yolks.
  4. Pour over the chocolate (in 3 stages) and emulsify.
  5. Add the butter and emulsify.
  6. Fill the molds with 190g of cremeux.
Part 5: Coffee Mousse
  • 32g Granulated Sugar
  • 32g Water
  • 25g Egg Yolks
  • 2 Sheets of Gelatin (hydrated)
  • 90g Mascarpone
  • 190g Cream 35% (whipped soft peaks)
  1. Cook a syrup with the water and sugar to 100°C/212°F.
  2. Add the gelatin and combine.
  3. Add the syrup and egg yolks to a mixing bowl. Whip until pale in color and mousse-like in texture.
  4. Fold in the mascarpone and whipped cream.
  5. Pour into the prepared mold and freeze.
Part 6: Coffee Whipped Ganache
  • 160g Cream 35% (1)
  • 5g Coffee Grains (roughly ground)
  • 1 Sheet of Gelatin (hydrated)
  • 40g White Chocolate
  • 105g Cream 35% (2)
  • 0.25g Fine Salt
  1. Bring the cream (1) to a simmer.
  2. Add the coffee and infuse for 1 hour. Strain and re-scale to have 160g infused cream.
  3. Reheat the cream and add gelatin. Pour over the chocolate and mix.
  4. Add the cream (2) and salt and mix.
  5. Set in the refrigerator overnight. Whip to soft/medium peaks.
  6. Transfer to a piping bag with a round tip of 12mm.
  7. Pipe dollops of ganache (see image for reference).
Part 7: Cocoa Spray
  1. Melt the cocoa butter.
  2. Add the cocoa powder and mix until combined.
  3. Spray the Buche.
Part 8: White Chocolate Spray
  1. Melt the ingredients together.
  2. Mix and spray over the whipped ganache.
Part 9: Chocolate Decor
  • 200g Dark Chocolate
  1. Temper the chocolate and spread it onto an acetate sheet.
  2. Cut an 8cm round disc for the end of the Buche.
  3. Cut a rectangular base the size of the length of the Buche.
  4. Cut out different sizes of stars and reserve.
Part 10: Assembly
  1. Once all the components have been made, start assembling the Buche by starting with filling the mold with the 260g mousse.
  2. Insert the cremeux in the center, filling the rest of the mold with the remaining mousse.
  3. Seal off the mold with the enrobed sponge and freeze.
  4. Unmold and spray with a cocoa spray.
  5. Place the whipped ganache at the top center of the Buche.
  6. Decorate with chocolate décor.
  7. Finish with deZaan Rich Terracotta dusting.


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