Damien Wager

Damien Wager is a self-taught pastry chef who over the past few years has risen toward the top of the UK pastry chef rankings. In October 2019, he published his debut book, Edible Art, which has currently sold in over 43 countries worldwide. He has been featured in top magazines such as Chef, Olive, and House of Coco, and was nominated for Young Chef of the Year at the 2018 Restaurant Awards. Damien released his second published project, Breaking the Mould, 

in March 2021. He recently opened his flagship patisserie under the Edible Art banner in the prestigious district of Montpellier in Cheltenham, with a second shop opened in the city of Bath in September 2021.

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Get to know Damien

What is your favorite cocoa-based dessert?

It’s tough to pinpoint just one, but I’d have to say the use of cocoa in a nice choux based item. You can’t beat a stuffed Paris-Brest and even better if the paste & craquelin is full of a rich cocoa powder!

What would be your top tip for using cocoa for other pastry professionals?

Don’t be afraid to experiment. I like to use cocoa in place of quantities of other dry ingredients in my recipes. Choux, Macarons, Sponges etc - it’s all about experimenting.

What are your favorite flavors for using alongside cocoa in pastry creations?

Mint & more cocoa! Mint cuts through anything if used correctly, and adding other intensities of chocolate to cocoa creates an intense layered dessert that keeps on surprising.

What is your favorite product from the deZaan range?

Not sure if I am suppose to say this, but the cocoa mass drops. They add an immediate burst of flavor to any chocolate or cocoa based creation and, maybe controversially, they are quite nice to snack on too!!

What do you like most about cocoa from deZaan?

The story and efficiency of the company. The way deZaan have taken the market by the reigns yet still take the time to experiment in their science like labs is inspiring. They are always looking to develop the next creative product or showcase how best to use their products which makes it obvious why other companies look to not only source their cocoa from deZaan, but also source their inspiration from them as a whole.

Damien's Recipes

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