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We work with leading chefs from all over the world to help inspire other professionals to get the most from our cocoa ingredients.

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Meet Our Pastry Chef Partners

We’re proud to work with some of the world’s leading pastry chefs. Through our master culinary partners, we develop baking recipes with cocoa powder and content to inspire and educate other professionals to get the best from our cocoa ingredients.

Nina Metayer Headshot

Nina Métayer

Before she was 30 years old, Nina Métayer had been awarded Pastry Chef of the Year not once, but twice. Having worked in Michelin-starred kitchens in Paris, Nina is now a renowned independent consultant.

Karina Rivera

Karina Rivera

Born and raised in Mexico City, Chef Karina Rivera studied Culinary Arts before moving to Miami and founded Women Chefs 305, became a finalist at the Food Network's Spring Baking Championship and founded her own business. She inspires pastry aficionados and professionals with her sweet creations, especially her tempting macarons. 


Damien Wager

A self-taught pastry chef, who over the past few years has risen towards the top of the U.K. Pastry Chef rankings due to his numerous exploits & achievements.


Matthias Mittermeier

Matthias Mittermeier no longer sees himself as a classic pastry chef, but as a technician and food designer. He has a rich history working in 3-star Michelin restaurants across Europe and specializes in the avant-garde, developing new skills and techniques to heighten the dining experience.

Rory Macdonald Headshot

Rory Macdonald

Named one of the top 10 pastry chefs in the U.S., Rory has worked in kitchens all over the world and is a master at re-imagining classic pastries and desserts.

Sarah Mountain Headshot

Sarah Mountain

With over 20 years experience and a host of accolades to boot, Sarah has worked in a host of leading London kitchens. Most recently she's appeared on Channel 4's Snackmasters alongside Fred Sirieix.

Team deZaan

In order to get the most out of our cocoa ingredients, our chefs dedicate their time to understanding the technical characteristics of cocoa. With this depth of understanding, they create inspiring and innovative recipes to help pastry chefs all over the world serve up truly exciting and flavorful desserts and pastry.

Talia Profet Headshot
Netherlands Flag Icon

Talia Profet

European Development Chef

Talia has over a decade of experience as a pastry chef in Michelin-starred kitchens all over the world. She now spends her time creating, testing and tasting deZaan recipes and products.

Andrew Pingul Headshot
United States Flag Icon

Andrew Pingul

US Development Chef

Based in our U.S. development kitchen in Chicago, Illinois, Andrew spends his time exercising his passion for modern techniques and flavor combinations.

Lin Weixiang Headshot
Chinese Flag Icon

Lin Weixiang

Asia Development Chef

Based in deZaan's Innovation Hub in Singapore, Weixiang combines art and science to explore the potential of cocoa ingredients.

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